Detect and disrupt data breaches quickly

After data breaches occur, analysis often finds clear evidence of malicious activity in the audit logs. If you can detect threats to your systems in time, you can stop them before they can do damage.

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Speed identification and disruption of threats before they cause damage

Forensic analysis of data breaches usually finds that clear evidence of malicious activity was sitting in audit logs. If the security team had known about the activity, they could have stopped, or at least mitigated, the security threat. But it is difficult to know which activities pose real or potential threats, and require investigation.

To quickly identify threats before they cause damage, you need real-time information and analysis of security events as they occur. You need to rapidly spot things that are out of the ordinary and may require a closer look.

Use of SIEM technology helps you establish baselines of normal activity patterns in your environment. This allows real-time security analytics to help you identify inconsistencies, without knowing exactly what you are looking for. To more deeply enrich the context of your security intelligence, you can complement the capabilities of SIEM with a change monitoring solution. This extends the ability of SIEM by alerting on unauthorized access and changes to critical files and systems, speeding alert and response times while significantly reducing the risk of a serious data breach.

Sharpen visibility into user activities

It is your job to grant the right level of access to mission-critical systems and information assets. You must guard against system corruption and data theft by unauthorized individuals. But often the real problem is defending against ‘trusted’ internal users, who have legitimate access to systems and information as part of their job function.

By integrating security monitoring technology with identity management, you can enrich your security data with the unique identity information of users and administrators. This gives you deeper insight into the “who, what, when and where” of system access and changes. And with that insight you can see if an activity poses a real threat. You’ll also gain a better overall view of risk in your environment.

Develop security intelligence for defense against future attacks

To defend against future attacks, you need to grow your base of security intelligence and provide the right data to the right stakeholder. Your CISO, Compliance Officer, Auditor, security personnel and IT professionals need to get information in a way that lets them take precise action in minutes—not hours or days.

You start by monitoring data from hosts, applications, network devices and databases. The more data you have coming in, the better your analysis and reporting will be. When you can integrate it with environmental context and identity management, and then align it with business objectives and compliance mandates, the results are truly impressive. You gain real-time visibility into your overall state of security and compliance. You find areas that need stronger defense. All of this helps you improve your security incident response, mitigate risk and protect your critical information assets.

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